Hi! My name is Julie O’Connor Currie Ciardi……well, not really, but those are all the last names I have had in my 43 years on this planet!

I am currently Julie Currie Ciardi.  Ciardi for my amazing husband Joe Ciardi who has been my biggest support and father to my adorable 3 year old son.  Currie is now my middle name, but is the last name of my two beautiful children from my 1st marriage.  As you will see in my sharing of my story, taking my first married name as my middle name to honor and support my children was incredibly intentional.

As of right now, I am writing a blog of my experiences with the hopes of helping other women, mothers, going through or who have been through a divorce who are weeding through this new world of parenting. Have I done this perfectly? HELL NO! But I do believe my experiences – good and bad – can help others.

My dream is that this blog one day becomes a podcast, a book, and hopefully a program to help others very early in the process of divorce with children.

Live intentionally, live for the long term by navigating the daily potholes and it will all be worth it, for you and your children……by design!

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